Sea-Eye: Mission 6 rescues 500 people

Rescue operation on Thursday, 25 May 2017 Around 07h00 we received a call from the Vos Prudence to assist with the rescue of several rubber boats. On our way there, we found another rubber boat, which we supplied with life vests and bottled water. Before the provision of the first boat had been completed, further[…]

To the limits of our resilience – and beyond 

  Klaus Becker  (Mission 5)   Saturday, 13.05.2017, 08h10. The skipper wakes the crew. Short situation meeting on deck: the MRCC signals the presence of rubber boats and sends coordinates. We still have some time for a quick wash and a small breakfast. We put on our life vests, helmets and whatever else is necessary.[…]

Sea-Eye Mission 5: 270 people rescued

From the logbook of Sea-Eye skipper Orlamünder Thursday, 18.05.2017. At 06:00 we inform the MRCC Rome of our coordinates. From 06:10 onwards we receive information by radio about sightings of overcrowded boats in distress. At 07:45 our dinghy Charlotti approaches an overcrowded wooden boat with more than 100 passengers. At 08:25, thanks to good weather[…]

Refugee aid workers put to sea with second ship

By Ulli Scherr  The new, second ship of Regensburg refugee rescue organisation “Sea-Eye” has left for its first patrolling journey off the Libyan coast in order to help refugees in distress. The accusations of the Italian judiciary against the refugee aid workers have been cleared up. The organisation bought the 60-year-old fishing cutter “Seefuchs” a[…]

Staring death in the face 

Rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean: Ammertal man lives through dramatic events  Two weeks in the Mediterranean: Johann Hautmann from Wurmansau, Germany, has returned from his rescue mission. His experiences are forever engraved in his memory. “When you have looked at their faces only once…,” Johann Hautmann says. Only when you have seen the utterly exhausted[…]

Mission 5 saved 484 people vom drowning

“People became desperate and began jumping into the water” From the Logbook auf Captain Chris Orlamünder We received information of MRCC Rome about 4 rubber boats at 0800 per Satellite phone with coordinates of 4 sightings. Upon request we immediately began proceeding to the position and searching for the vessels in distress.At 0930 we saw[…]

Fighting a watery death 

Petra Oeckler  (Mission 3): This is how I experienced the drama in the Mediterranean   Tripolis/ Ebensfeld. Easter Sunday in the Mediterranean, 18 nautical miles off the coast of Libya. The rescue ship Sea-Eye is running on emergency power after a smoldering fire and is heading towards its home port Valetta. Then the crew get[…]

Mission 4 in pictures

Together with the Iuventa crew, Sea-Eye’s Mission 4  rescued 147 people from distress. After the successful evacuation of the refugees, the wooden boat was destroyed.  

Mission 4: Sea-Eye rescues 147 people 

From the logbook of Sea-Eye skipper Claus-Peter Reisch    This morning we received an MRCC call via the Aquarius  (SOS Méditerrannée ship): two boats sighted. We immediately headed towards the indicated position and had the MRCC Rome confirm the request. 9:25: Sighting of the two wooden boats. 9:40: Start of the rescue operation together with[…]

Sea-Eye: Campaign against the Rescuers 

At the moment, a massive campaign is ongoing against sea rescue by NGOs, including Sea-Eye. This malicious campaign is mainly led by the Italian Movemento 5 Stelle, the “five star movement” of right-wing comedian Beppe Grillo and other groups belonging to the extreme right. The accusations are based on rumours that were spread deliberately, but also[…]

Drama at Easter: From the logbook of Sea-Eye skipper Thomas Nuding

On the Saturday before Easter, in the morning, we received a radio message about the position of a wooden boat from the Phoenix (aid organisation MOAS ship) and the Iuventa (Jugend rettet ship), which were already involved in a rescue operation. The wooden boat held 25 men, whom we recovered without complications with our dinghy[…]

Rescuers again save thousands of boat refugees

There are incidents currently taking place in the Mediterranean that private rescue organisations have never experienced quite like that: within 48 hours they saved thousands of people from distress. Due to the good weather, numbers are likely to increase. Within 48 hours, private rescue organisations in the Mediterranean have rescued several thousand people from extremely[…]

14 April 2017: Sea-Eye rescued 411 people

From the logbook of Sea-Eye’s Mission 3. After several days of bad weather, today (14.4.2017) the sea was calm. A total of 18 boats holding about 2,000 people were moving off the Libyan coast and had to be rescued. The cooperation of the participating NGOs with the MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) and, partly, the[…]

Michael Buschheuer before the Schengen Committee of the Italian Parliament

Rome/Regensburg. 12 April 2017. This morning, Sea-Eye founder Michael Buschheuer spoke before the Committee for Sea Rescue of the Italian Parliament. Buschheuer had accepted an invitation by the chairperson, Laura Ravetto (Berlusconi Party). He explained to the parliamentarians why Sea-Eye as a private sea rescue organisation takes on a task off the Libyan coast, which[…]