A Letter to all our Supporters

Dear Friends of Sea-Eye, dear Supporters of our Commitment in the Mediterranean, We are writing to thank you at the year’s end, after cheering, but also difficult experiences. First of all: Everything that became possible and everything that we achieved would not have been possible without your support. You were the rescuers – we were[…]

The Sea-Eye rescues 12 people 

Sea-Eye Mission 17/2017 –  Operations report 09.11.2017   This morning at 02h36 we received a call via satellite phone from the MRCC Rome. They reported a boat in distress at position 33°26N/011°E. After some starting problems of our main engine, we got going at 03h40 and moved towards the indicated position, about 6 nautical miles[…]

Sea-Eye resumes rescue missions

Regensburg (9 September 2017). The private sea rescue organisation Sea-Eye from Regensburg has decided to resume its rescue missions in the Mediterranean. The missions had been temporarily stopped during the past month. In the future, the operations of the two boats, the Sea-Eye and the Seefuchs, will take place in an area that is located[…]

“We leave behind a deadly gap in the Mediterranean”

German NGO halts refugee rescue operations off Libya A German aid group said it was suspending its refugee rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea citing security concerns after Libya barred foreign vessels from a stretch of water off its coast. Sunday’s announcement comes a day after Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said it was halting the[…]

Sea-Eye suspends planned missions

Today we decided with a heavy heart to temporarily suspend our planned rescue missions in the Mediterranean. I have informed our crews and skippers of this decision. The reason for this is the changed security situation in the Western Mediterranean, after the Libyan Government announced an indefinite and unilateral extension of their territorial waters –[…]

Sea-Eye signed the Code of Conduct

Dear Friends, After intensive consultations – including with our lawyers -, Sea-Eye decided to sign the code of conduct, which the Italian Ministry of the Interior introduced to the NGOs. We complemented this agreement with our own comment on a decisive point in the code. It concerns the technical specifications of our boats. We interpret this point[…]

Sea-Eye’s “Code of Conduct:” We continue to save lives!

Regensburg, Rome, 25 July 2017 – Host Marco Mortone stopped the talks between the Italian Ministry of the Interior and the private sea rescue organisations after only 75 minutes and postponed them to next Friday. After the meeting the private sea rescue organisation Sea-Eye, which was represented by skipper Gunter Körtel, declared: We agree with[…]

From the logbook of the Seefuchs

From the logbook of the Seefuchs:    We have been engaged in rescue operations without break since our arrival in the area off the Libyan coast. For almost 48 hours. This has only been possible thanks to an excellent crew with fantastic skills. Everyone is going way beyond themselves.  

Sea-Eye and Seefuchs saved 277 people

Saturday, 10 June 2017  At 08h00, following an emergency call, the Sea-Eye (Mission 7) rescued 132 people from a damaged rubber boat and took them on board. The group included two pregnant women, one of whom needed to be stabilised, and a man who required medical care for exhaustion. In the evening the 132 people were[…]

Logbook: Seefuchs rescues 500 people

From the logbook of the Seefuchs: Today, on 9 June 2017, the Seefuchs took part in several rescue operations. Together with the Iuventa, the Vos Prudence and the Sea-Watch we searched in the morning for a wooden boat in distress and finally found and rescued it. The Vos Prudence took the approximately 100 people on[…]

Gorden Isler: Fight for survival during Mission 6

    The way I live causes the way you die.    About the honourable attempt to render an unjust world more bearable     By Gorden Isler The floor under my feet moves slightly from one side to the other. There is almost no wind. The midday sun burns down without mercy. The 60-year-old[…]

Sea-Eye: Mission 6 rescues 500 people

Rescue operation on Thursday, 25 May 2017 Around 07h00 we received a call from the Vos Prudence to assist with the rescue of several rubber boats. On our way there, we found another rubber boat, which we supplied with life vests and bottled water. Before the provision of the first boat had been completed, further[…]

To the limits of our resilience – and beyond 

  Klaus Becker  (Mission 5)   Saturday, 13.05.2017, 08h10. The skipper wakes the crew. Short situation meeting on deck: the MRCC signals the presence of rubber boats and sends coordinates. We still have some time for a quick wash and a small breakfast. We put on our life vests, helmets and whatever else is necessary.[…]

Sea-Eye Mission 5: 270 people rescued

From the logbook of Sea-Eye skipper Orlamünder Thursday, 18.05.2017. At 06:00 we inform the MRCC Rome of our coordinates. From 06:10 onwards we receive information by radio about sightings of overcrowded boats in distress. At 07:45 our dinghy Charlotti approaches an overcrowded wooden boat with more than 100 passengers. At 08:25, thanks to good weather[…]

Refugee aid workers put to sea with second ship

By Ulli Scherr  The new, second ship of Regensburg refugee rescue organisation “Sea-Eye” has left for its first patrolling journey off the Libyan coast in order to help refugees in distress. The accusations of the Italian judiciary against the refugee aid workers have been cleared up. The organisation bought the 60-year-old fishing cutter “Seefuchs” a[…]

Staring death in the face 

Rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean: Ammertal man lives through dramatic events  Two weeks in the Mediterranean: Johann Hautmann from Wurmansau, Germany, has returned from his rescue mission. His experiences are forever engraved in his memory. “When you have looked at their faces only once…,” Johann Hautmann says. Only when you have seen the utterly exhausted[…]