Escape stories: The roaring of the waves

By Karin Völkner “There were two boats that should leave the same night. It was in January and the weather was horrible. You could hear the waves from far away. They were roaring!” Aliou (name changed), a young man from Guinea, is sharing his memories with me of the night when he left Libya on[…]

Childhood friends

By Karin Völkner “The rescuers were so kind and gentle. They looked after the women and children first. They told us how to step out of the boat; they said that the people from the middle of the boat should start so that it doesn’t capsize,” Jamil tells me. He has few good memories of[…]

Extraordinary coincidence reunites migrant girl, 4, with mother

Extraordinary coincidence reunites migrant girl, 4, with mother – BBC News A lost 4-year-old migrant girl, who travelled alone from northern Africa to Italy, will be reunited with her mother after an extraordinary coincidence. Oumoh’s mother took her from her father’s family in Ivory Coast to save her from female genital mutilation.   A lost[…]

The sad man

    By Karin Völkner “It was very dark. When we came closer I could hear the sea, it made a lot of noise. At first I thought it was a machine, it was that loud. The waves were very high, the water was above, below, everywhere. It was the first time in my life[…]

Essay: Little big boy

By Ursula Putz (Mission M14, 24.10. 2016). …and now I am sitting here, having just returned home. It is raining outside, and it is dark. When I left earlier on my bicycle, pulling on my rain cape, a guest of mine said: “There are worse things…,” and I said: “Yes, indeed.” Water is essential for[…]