Sea-Eye is preparing further rescue missions.

By Irma Held Günther Pirnke is again on his way to Licata. In Sicily the Sea-Eye is being prepared for its upcoming sea rescue missions. The man from Schwandorf, Germany, supervises the works. The rescue workers will soon put to sea again. Pirnke still has time. The retired policeman has been assigned to Mission 13[…]

Malteser: Mission Humanity

By Melanie Pruis-Obel. Bert Schuler from Neuburg, Germany, helps on the Sea-Eye to rescue refugees in the Mediterranean. Other people from the same region also participate in the project; two ‘Malteser’ relief organisation representatives from Eichstätt look after the volunteer aid workers. “I cannot passively look on when people are dying,” Harald Trampert says decidedly[…]

Regensburg Rotary Club contributes to rescue action.

The Rotary Club supports the organisation Sea-Eye e.V., which recently rescued 200 refugees, including a tiny baby. Regensburg. The Regensburg Rotary Club (RC) just joined the large group of donors who support the Sea-Eye’s fantastic efforts in rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Andreesen, the club’s president in 2015/16, suggested this support, especially[…]

My lifesaving mission in the Mediterranean.

Norbert Zimmermann (71) from Barmbeck, Germany, rescued refugees with the Sea-Eye – but also regards his actions critically. By Stephanie Lamprecht. Passionate sailor Norbert Zimmermann (71) could enjoy his retirement on the rivers Elbe and Alster. Instead the retired IT consultant from Barmbeck ended up -rather accidentally – as an engineer on an old fishing[…]

Saving lives in the Mediterranean.

Again and again we hear reports about refugee boats capsizing on the Mediterranean route and people drowning. The organisation Sea-Eye e.V. has tasked itself with the rescue of people on that route. Tobias Vorburg from Markt Schwaben, Germany, spent 12 days on the boat ‘Sea-Eye’ off the Libyan coast to save lives. He spoke about[…]

Mission Humanity.

Michael Buschheuer of the Sea-Eye project visits Kolping (Christian organisation) Mallersdorf. Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg, Germany. At the invitation of Kolping Mallersdorf, Michael Buschheuer made a presentation about his Sea-Eye project on Thursday. Many people came, and they experienced an evening that got under their skin. Kolping chairman Dr Beer spoke with great respect about the commitment of Michael[…]

794 people saved in one day.

Udo Nuffer, skipper on the rescue boat Sea-Eye, headed the most successful mission so far. By Markus Drossel. Ebensfeld /Tripolis. During this almost windless autumn night, suddenly pleading calls for help are heard. Duty guard Christian Winkler and skipper Udo Nuffer from Ebensfeld, Germany, are on the bridge of the rescue boat Sea-Eye in the[…]

Libya’s coast guard is endangering refugees and aid workers.

Armed border police in the Mediterranean are acting against refugee boats and rescue ships, sometimes aggressively – and in the most recent instance with fatal consequences. In spite of the threat the German Government wants to support the Libyans. By Kristiana Ludwig, Malta. When the ship turned off its lights and left, panic ensued on[…]

“Sea-Eye” has rescued more than 5,500 refugees in the Mediterranean.

Regensburg sea rescue organisation wants to start the coming year with an additional boat. The Regensburg sea rescue organisation “Sea-Eye e.V.” has rescued thousands of refugees in the Mediterranean. Now crew members are preparing for another year – which might see a second boat. The private rescue boat “Sea-Eye” has rescued more than 5,500 refugees[…]

How a man from the Allgäu (region in Southern Germany) is trying to recover a rescue boat that was seized by the Libyans.

Only money and negotiations will render the boat’s recovery possible. By Claudia Benz. Kempten. No. Professor Dr Tilman Mischkowsky does not want to give up. He wants to try everything to recover a boat that is currently in Libya. A boat that the Libyan coast guard captured a few weeks ago. The rescue boat “Speedy”[…]

Life on board a rescue boat.

By Thomas Leinkauf. The Sea-Eye is anchoring in the harbour in Malta. Just next to it, in a huge dry dock, the hull of the ‘Martha Ann’ is being brightened up. The contrast could not be greater; one can hardly portray the state of the world any more vividly. Here, a rusty 26-metre fishing cutter,[…]

Almost 800 refugees rescued

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany. Almost every day refugees are drowning while crossing the Mediterranean to Europe. Johannes Daelen is a man who no longer wanted to simply look on. The 22-year-old from Wiedenbrück, Germany, joined the aid organisation Sea-Eye and, on 3 October, helped to save almost 800 lives. It was their last night on board the Sea-Eye in[…]

Regensburg medical doctor joins a Sea-Eye rescue mission.

For three weeks Regensburg man Moritz Andreesen will exchange his home for a fishing cutter in order to save refugees from drowning. By Stina Walterbach. Regensburg. In autumn 2015, Regensburg entrepreneur Michael Buschheuer started the project Sea-Eye. One year later, he and his team have saved almost 5,000 refugees from drowning in the Mediterranean. Now[…]

Carsten Heinekamp: “I cannot let them drown.”

By Sigi Schritt. Leeste, Germany. Carsten Heinekamp from Leeste, Germany, will stop looking on while the refugee drama in the Mediterranean unfolds and will instead take action. “Everyone helps where he or she can,” he explains his motivation for joining the rescue team of the organisation Sea-Eye e.V. in October. Heinekamp registered as a volunteer[…]

Four days in custody and many open questions.

A crew member of the Regensburg refugee aid project “Sea-Eye e.V.” talks about his enforced stay in Libya. By Dagmar Unrecht. Regensburg. It is a story with many contradictions: two members of the Regensburg refugee rescue project Sea-Eye e.V. were released a week ago from custody by the Libyan coast guard. Their enforced stay in[…]

Sea-Eye aid worker after his release in Libya: I will continue.

In early September the Libyan coast guard arrested two crew members of the private refugee aid organisation Sea-Eye. Dittmar Kania was one of them. He tells of confusions, machine guns and nights on mattresses on the floor. By Sebastian Girg. The Sea-Eye has been cruising the Mediterranean since spring in order to rescue refugees in[…]

Over the summer Sea-Eye has saved 4,000 lives.

By Wolfgang Ruppert. Amberg in der Oberpfalz, Germany. A fishing cutter has a five-member-crew. If it is used as a refugee boat, “between 130 and 140 people get pushed on board,” Volker Ignatz explained. The man from Amberg was promoting his organisation Sea-Eye e.V. in the town’s ‘Art Combine’. “The organisation was founded by people[…]

Libya frees German migrant aid workers

Two migrant aid workers from Germany who were held by Libyan coastguards have been freed, the group Sea Eye said Wednesday, adding that the circumstances of their arrest remain unclear.