6. November 2015

The Ships

The Sea-Eye


…is a 26 metre-long former fishing cutter from Sassnitz (Rügen, Germany), previously named “Sternhai” (Star Shark). The seaworthy ship was re-equipped for the purpose of sea rescue missions and in early 2016 headed for the African coast, which most refugees pass through during their perilous “journey.”

The cutter is about 60 years old. Until 2014 it served to transport fish on the world’s seas, especially the Baltic and North Seas.



The Seefuchs (Sea Fox)

…is a sister ship of the Sea-Eye and identical in construction. It also served as a fishing cutter and was previously named “Heringshai” (Herring Shark). But unlike the Sea-Eye, after German reunification, the Seefuchs served as a research and tourist ship and was regularly renovated and modernised by its owners.

Sea-Eye e.V. bought the Seefuchs in March 2017. Since May, it is on rescue missions off the Libyan coast.


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