Mission ‘Saving Lives:’ Rostock man (69) signs up on the Sea-Eye.

By Antje Bernstein.

Rostock/Valetta. He travels the Arctic for Greenpeace and will now head for the Mediterranean as a life saver: Hans-Ulrich Kalweit wants to help people at risk of drowning off Libya. For the engineer it is a matter dear to his heart, as well as a return to a cutter, which he has known since his student days.

He looks at the horizon. What is expecting him, out there in the Mediterranean? Hans-Ulrich Kalweit does not know. But he will find out. It is time to leave. The Rostock man will put to sea from Malta and head towards the Libyan coast. Kalweit signed up as engineer on the Sea-Eye, the boat which last year saved thousands of people from a cruel death. The kind of people who venture on the journey from Africa to Europe on overcrowded rubber boats, with nothing on board but their hopes for a better future. A risk that many have paid for with their lives.

Kalweit has already travelled to the Arctic and the Amazon on ships of the environmental organisation Greenpeace. The two-week mission on the Sea-Eye is a matter dear to his heart and at the same time a return. He has known the former fishing cutter since his student days. Back then he made a bit of money during his holidays working as assistant engineer.

Source: Ostsee-Zeitung, Rostock, Germany

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