13. February 2017


Photo Sea-Eye

Sea-Eye in the harbour of Brest

Photo Michael Buschheuer

Founder of Sea-Eye (Copyright: sea-eye.org).


Sea-Eye-Logo (Copyright: Sea-Eye e.V.)

Flyer (english)

Flyer download and print

Textile Printing (bright Background)

Master for T-Shirts, Bags

Textile Printing (dark Background)

Master for T-Shirts, Bags

Presentation (english)

Also available as Powerpoint presentation.
The presentation works well if you have installed the lato-Font (free download here)

Media information (english)

Short presentation of Sea-Eye

Font “Lato”

To install on all OS. Needed for original presentations and letterworks of Sea-Eye.

Fundraising (brochure in english)

14 pages for donors

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