18. May 2017

Information for those interested in joining the crew 

Please read this information before deciding on whether to apply for a rescue mission in the mediterranean sea:
  1. Only crew notices are accepted from applicants who did at least one mission on our vessel “Sea-Eye” or “Seefuchs” or on ships of another NGO in the last years.
  2. Crewmembers, who participated in a crew training in 2018 but whose mission was cancelled in 2018 can also register.
  3. Volunteers will be responsible for any costs incurred in connectioin with the assignment, in cluding travel expenses.The transfer to the crewchange cannot be granted. The crew members travel honorary and free of charge.
  4. Arrival and departure as well as accomodation at the crewchange site are organized by the crewmembers themselves. The ship can usually only be entered on the first day of crewtraining.
  5. Aboard the Alan Kurdi is enough bed linen. Bring a sleeping bag, if you need to, as well as towels and sanitary belongings. Safety shoes must be worn on board and will be provided together with automatic life vests, but can be taken on board privately. A headlamp is recommended
  6. The costs for packaging aboard as well as usual expenses of shipping (bunker, charges, fuel etc.) are borne by Sea-Eye e.V.
  7. Risks resulting from the mission are borne by each crewmember
  8. An accident insurance has been taken out (04/2017) at BG (Kommunale Unfallversicherung Bayern [KUVB]) for all organisation members who are actively fulfilling the organisation’s aims.
  9. Each crewmember undertakes to comply promptly with the instructins of the master required to guide the vessel. The master is to informed immediately in all cases which could endanger the safety of a person or of the ship. Each crewmember pays attention to her/ his one safety and, if required ant at the order of the master, wears a life jacket and belt.
  10. The crewmember knows that aboard life in a small space can also be associated with mental stress and within the scope of its possibilities, strives for a harmonious course of the mission. For this reason, the volunteer must be physically and mentally in every position to be safe a board the vessel. Physical fitness is required.
  11. Participants sign a crew contract before departure.
  12. Internal information, including photos from the mission (including publication in social media), may only be made public after approval by the media officer (presse@sea-eye.org). Sea-Eye behaves neutrally party politically and represents no positions on the current refugee policy, which go beyond the questions of the sea rescue. Therefore, the crew member is expected that political opinions expressed purely private and not represent the position of the association Sea-Eye. The crewmember agrees that all data and media materials recorded during the mission, and in particular aboard the vessel, may be used for media coverage. The use takes place with respect for the protection of human rights at sea (right to privacy and security).


Principles of Sea-Eye

What we do

  • Sea-Eye searches for shipwrecked and drowning persons off the coast of Libya.
  • Sea-Eye performs first aid. We supply the refugees with life vests and water.
  • Sea-Eye treats injured persons on board in our sick bay.
  • Sea-Eye calls for help. The Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) of the Italian coastguard sends vessels which take over the refugees.
  • Sea-Eye acts strictly according to international laws and treaties and complies with the rules of rescue at sea, valid all over the world.
  • Sea-Eye’s life-saving project is exclusively run by unpaid volunteers. They sacrifice their free time and vacation to fly to their missions in Malta, paying for the flights themselves.
  • Sea-Eye is mainly financed by donations. The association is a non-profit organization which is also liable to account.

What we don’t do

  • Sea-Eye doesn’t transport refugees.
  • Sea-Eye doesn’t aid people in fleeing.
  • Sea-Eye doesn’t operate in Libyan waters. Sea-Eye only operates in international waters.
  • Sea-Eye doesn’t work (neither directly nor indirectly) with human traffickers and their organizations. We help shipwrecked people which are reported to us by the MRCC in Rome, or those which we spot ourselves.

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