Logbook: Seefuchs rescues 500 people

From the logbook of the Seefuchs:

Today, on 9 June 2017, the Seefuchs took part in several rescue operations. Together with the Iuventa, the Vos Prudence and the Sea-Watch we searched in the morning for a wooden boat in distress and finally found and rescued it. The Vos Prudence took the approximately 100 people on board.

A short time later the Golfo Azzurro sighted some other objects, towards which we headed so as to identify the boats.

Altogether we rescued about 500 people from four wooden boats and one rubber boat. During several hours of rescue actions we supplied all refugees with life vests and transferred children, women and finally men onto the Vos Prudence. At about 14h00 we were sure that everyone on the boats was safe.

We would like to thank Boat Refugee Foundation and ProActiva (Golfo Azzurro), Sea-Watch, the Iuventa and the Vos Prudence for the good work and the friendly cooperation.

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