The Mennonite aid organisation donates radar equipment to Sea-Eye.

The Mennonite aid organisation (the Mennonites are a Christian denomination) supports Sea-Eye with a generous donation. We are now able to install new radar equipment.

People who move in small and low rubber boats are difficult to see for the human eye. Especially if there is heavy swell – very quickly these boats are hidden by the waves. A modern radar unit helps to overcome this problem. Its antenna, which is fixed high up on the mast, is able to identify small objects. It ‘sees’ further than the eye, including during the night or when the weather is bad. Thanks to its software it is possible to follow the movements of the radar echo on the screen. The navigation officer on the bridge quickly sees which echo shows a refugee boat and which shows some other reflection.

With the help of the radar equipment, boats can be located which otherwise might never have been found. However, this only works with the most recent technology. Radar technology that was still common a dozen years ago was not yet able to precisely locate small boats.

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