Mission 11 rescues 124 refugees in distress.

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The Sea-Eye was on its way to Tunisia in order to take the two released Speedy collaborators to dry land, when the Italian coast guard called on 13 September at midday: sighting of a rubber boat at 33’03N 12’34E.


Rescue mission from 13 September

The boat was intact, with 124 refugees on board, no children. At 13:15 we started launching our dinghy. We began to provide the refugees with life vests, and the atmosphere on board was calm. But while we were handing out the life vests, some movement started on the rubber boat, causing some people on the boat to fall down and ten others to go overboard. Most were pulled back in by the other boat passengers. Two were rescued by us as one of them was not yet wearing a life vest and the other one had already drifted too far from the boat.


The Enterprise from Royal Navy

Around 14:00, the “HMS Enterprise” of the Royal Navy arrived and took the refugees on board. The operation was finished at approximately 15:35 and the Sea-Eye continued on its way to Zarzis (Tunisia).