17. January 2018

Alan Kurdi: Crew Belegung

Dear candidate,

in the table you can read off the free places of the volunteer crew on the Alan Kurdi. All positions are first agreed by the Head of Mission (HoM) after consultation with the crew management and the application or qualifications of the candidate.The final positions are determined by the HoM together with the master.
The right to a certain position within the crew can not be guaranteed at any time.
For the missions of Alan Kurdi, crew reports are preferably accepted from applicants who did at least one mission on the vessel “Sea-Eye” or “Seefuchs” or on ships of other NGOs in the years 2016 to 2018.
The “Head of Mission” (HOM) position can only be promoted by persons who, from 2016 to 2018, preferred to work as skippers or, alternatively,
in operational function on the sea-eye or the sea fox or on ships of other NGOs.
Alan Kurdi is going to rescue missions at sea in 2019 with about three-week operations, but at least four weeks of total effort should be taken into account.
Missions of Alan Kurdi. Please click to enlarge (as of 12.06.2019)

Orange = position no available
White = position available
Green = mission finished

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