A Letter to all our Supporters

Dear Friends of Sea-Eye, dear Supporters of our Commitment in the Mediterranean,
We are writing to thank you at the year’s end, after cheering, but also difficult experiences. First of all: Everything that became possible and everything that we achieved would not have been possible without your support. You were the rescuers – we were your extended arm. And we have always been looking at it that way.
We, the entire enormously committed Sea-Eye team, have “pulled from the water” more than 13,000 refugees. This has challenged us to the limits of our capacities and resilience, but it also made us incredibly happy and proud. We have done exactly what we set out to do. We did not let ourselves be confused by accusations  – some of them repulsive -; we constantly orientated ourselves at what we wanted to do and believed we had to do. It wasn’t always easy, but other people can do the easy things. With your help we have been operating two ships, which were in action off the Libyan coast with hundreds of voluntary helpers almost without a break. We enjoyed success, but we also had to bear failure and frustrations, and sometimes that wasn’t easy. We relied on an incredibly motivated team, and this team deserves our deeply felt gratitude.
This is how we used your donations:
  • Upkeep and refurbishment of our first ship, the Sea-Eye. 
  • Purchase, technical equipment and transfer (3,200 nms) of our second ship, the Seefuchs. 
  • New medical equipment on both ships.
  • Creation of our own coaching team for stress management.
  • Operation of two ships almost non-stop 24/7, throughout eight months, with only one missed mission due to the threats of Libyan elements.
During the past year, i.e. during about 40,000 nautical miles and about 5,800 working days on deck our ships, about 150 volunteers were able to help 7,716 people in their weakest hour and greatest misery.
We didn’t only help them, but also showed them that someone is willing to help them without considering their own personal gain. And that they are not entirely alone and forgotten in their suffering and fear.
Achieving all this depended directly on your support. We, the often quoted “heroes on the spot”, would have been left in limbo and helpless, had your support not made all this possible. This is really great, and we particularly and sincerely thank you also for the many encouraging words which we received from you throughout this time.
We are going into the coming year with courage and confidence. We will meet the impending challenges with persistence and great energy. There might be a silver lining on the horizon as the political resistance looks like it might be slightly diminishing.
In any case: We will carry on. We as members of a Western Christian cultural community consider the drownings in the Mediterranean unbearable and unacceptable. We will continue to prevent them, as much as is within our power.
Please continue to extend your kind support to us.

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