Sea-Eye: Letter to MRCC rom

Sea-Eye Chairman Prof. Dr. Tilman Mischkowsky has described the deployment plans of our ships in a letter to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center Rome (MRCC ROM). Here is the letter in the wording:


Mr. Vice Admiral Giovanni Pettorino, Mr. Cpt Andrea Tassaro;

Dear Sirs of MRCC!

As Chairman of the Board of Sea-Eye e.V., I am responsible for the operation of our two ships, the MV Sea-Eye and the MV Sea Fox. I may ask you to consider the following facts to ensure a good and successful cooperation with your institution in the future

1. Due to the size and equipment of our two ships we are basically not suitable for taking refugees on board. We have neither enough space nor the sanitary possibilities. Our job is rather to secure the refugee boats, provide first aid and keep the lives of the refugees until a suitable larger ship can accommodate them.

2. If individual persons on the refugee boats need immediate and urgent medical help, we will take them on board and provide them as far as our personal and medical options permit. There is always a licensed medical doctor on board.

3. If there is an immediate and unavoidable danger to life for the refugees due to a sinking refugee boat, we can exceptionally take a few people on board. However, this is only possible for a few hours and under the most difficult hygienic conditions. A larger number of refugees or a longer stay on board could provoke an emergency case of our vessel.

4. The transportation of refugees from the SAR area to Italy is unreasonable for our crew.
It is an immanent threat and unjustifiable risk for our ships and the refugee’s as well.
To avoid this danger should be our common task and duty.

I am sure that you will also consider these points of view out in a sense of responsibility and we hope that our common efforts off the Libyan coast will continue to be successful.

Yours sincerely!


Prof. Dr. med. Tilman Mischkowsky



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