Sea-Eye supports rescue of 450 people.

Rescue operation on 25/26 March 2017. From the logbook of Mission 2.

Photo: SOSMediterranee

00:00 The Juventa (Jugend rettet rescue boat) radios information about an emergency operation.

00:20 Sea-Eye skipper Arne Schmidt calls the MRCC Rome and radios the Sea-Eye’s position.

00:35 The Aquarius (SOS Mediterranée rescue boat) radios to the Juventa “maybe contact no. 4.”

01:10 Skipper Schmidt calls the Aquarius. The Aquarius requests support for a distress emergency. After consultation the Sea-Eye heads for the position indicated by the Aquarius.

01:30 The Juventa reports the presence of three or four rubber boats and a wooden boat with approximately 700 people in distress (this number was later corrected to 450 during recovery by the supply ship Vos Prudence).

02:07 The Vos Prudence signals its support and heads for the position.

02:17 The Aquarius requests support by the Sea-Eye in providing life vests to the wooden boat.

02:59 The Charlotti 2 (Sea-Eye’s dinghy) is the first dinghy to reach the wooden boat; the crew start to hand out life vests. A Sea Watch 2 dinghy supports the shuttles between the Sea-Eye and the wooden boat for more life vests. In the meantime the Aquarius and the Juventa secure the three rubber boats with the refugees.

04:20 Everyone on deck of the wooden boat has a life vest; the number of people below deck is unknown, allegedly 200 people.

04:45 After consultation with the MRCC Rome, the Juventa starts the transfer of the rescued people from the Juventa to the Aquarius (268 people).

05:08 Everyone on the wooden boat has been recovered by the Vos Prudence. The Charlotti 2 is back with the Sea-Eye.

Later the Charlotti 2 collects the Sea-Eye life vests from the Vos Prudence.

To be continued.

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