Sea-Eye: Mission 6 rescues 500 people

Rescue operation on Thursday, 25 May 2017

Around 07h00 we received a call from the Vos Prudence to assist with the rescue of several rubber boats. On our way there, we found another rubber boat, which we supplied with life vests and bottled water.

Before the provision of the first boat had been completed, further boats were sighted. During the following hours, we had to supply four rubber boats in our operational area. Two of these boats were slowly but continuously losing air.

An incident happened with one of the boats. Due to the tightly packed seating of people on the sides of the boat, one passenger’s loss of balance caused more than 20 others to fall into the water. Luckily they were already wearing our life vests, and we were quickly able to control the situation. During the course of the day we treated several medical emergency cases on board the Sea-Eye.

Around 20h30 the longed-for Italian navy ship arrived and started to evacuate the rubber boats. We assisted the transfer to the navy ship with our RIB Charlotti II. At another position an Italian coast guard ship later took the sick persons on board. This completed our rescue operation after 13 hours.

Altogether we rescued 500 people on this day.


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