The Sea-Eye rescued 794 people from seven boats.

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On German Reunification Day, the Sea-Eye undertook one of its most extensive rescue operations so far. During an operation that went on for 16 hours and involved 11 boats of different sizes, the Sea-Eye provided seven boats with life vests and some with life rafts.

The crew of the Regensburg (Germany) aid organisation was able to rescue 794 people and prevent their certain death, including 12 pregnant women, two children and two babies.

One person was rescued from the water at the last moment.

Sadly, one girl died. She was about 17 years old. An attempt to reanimate her was unsuccessful. We do not know the cause.

This massive rescue operation raises the number of people who were saved from drowning by the Sea-Eye to 4,868 since April 2016.

Altogether the various private rescue organisations rescued 5,600 people in distress on 3 October alone.