Sea-Eye signed the Code of Conduct

Dear Friends,

After intensive consultations – including with our lawyers -, Sea-Eye decided to sign the code of conduct, which the Italian Ministry of the Interior introduced to the NGOs.

We complemented this agreement with our own comment on a decisive point in the code. It concerns the technical specifications of our boats. We interpret this point in a way that enables us to continue running our two fishing cutters.

During the past days, the Ministry of the Interior defused some of the code’s elements and rendered it more acceptable.

The code can be terminated on a daily basis.

The Italian side accepted our signature and comment, and we presume that there is consent on this point.

Three reasons confirmed us in our decision:

  1. We wish to continue to do sea rescue at the level that we have been working on so far. We think that our consent to the code will enable us to do this work also in the future.
  2. We feel obliged to achieve the largest possible protection from state arbitrariness for our crews and the rescued persons.
  3. We do not wish to be accused of lack of cooperation in Italy or the German public realm.

We think that in case of conflict between the code and our activities, the internationally applicable rules of sea rescue will take precedence.

The decision to sign was prepared last week together with our lawyers. Already last week we had declared our willingness to sign to the Italians – with the above mentioned limitation. There is therefore no connection to the incidents concerning the Iuventa.


Michael Buschheuer

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