From the Seefuchs: Successful rescue of 16 people from wooden boat in distress

0700 Call from MRCC Rome alerting us about sighting of two wooden boats at a distance of about 25 nms from the Libyan coast. Around 1200 reached target area inside restricted zone and started search.

An Irish war ship supported the rescue and recovered a wooden boat with 25 people at a distance of about 10 nms from our position. At 1200 sighting of the wooden boat and start of the rescue operation about 47 nms off the coast.

Approach, provision of life vests and bottled water to the 16 people on board the wooden boat (young men from Ghana, Sudan, Bangladesh, Tibet, Nepal). Afterwards recovery by the Irish war ship.

1230 successful ending of rescue operation. The 16 people had started at the Libyan coast together with two rubber boats with 120 passengers each (fate unknown) in the early morning of 1 September without food and water. Around 1300, new course towards Zarzis. Arrival Zarzis at about 2200.

Congratulations to the Seefuchs crew for this rescue and to all of us for the patience and forbearance during this trying time. The five weeks of waiting paid off today for 16 people. Yesterday they were still 17 – during the night one of them went overboard.


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