Aid agencies hit back

EU migration crisis: border agency accused of stirring controversy A senior Italian minister has accused Frontex, the EU border agency, of creating a “misleading controversy” for political purposes after it accused aid groups such as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) of colluding with migrant-traffickers. A senior Italian minister has accused Frontex, the EU border agency, of[…]

Sea rescue workers in the Mediterranean outraged about “absurd” criticism

These days, critical voices against volunteer rescue operations in the Mediterranean are growing louder. Austrian Foreign Minister Kurz recently demanded that the “NGO madness” be stopped. The rescue workers firmly reject his accusations. Vienna/Berlin. The rescue organisations which are on mission in the Mediterranean to rescue refugees in distress, are facing increasing criticism. The recent[…]

Sea-Eye supports rescue of 450 people.

Rescue operation on 25/26 March 2017. From the logbook of Mission 2. 00:00 The Juventa (Jugend rettet rescue boat) radios information about an emergency operation. 00:20 Sea-Eye skipper Arne Schmidt calls the MRCC Rome and radios the Sea-Eye’s position. 00:35 The Aquarius (SOS Mediterranée rescue boat) radios to the Juventa “maybe contact no. 4.” 01:10 Skipper[…]

Austrian Foreign Minister Kurz attacks work of sea rescuers – they react with dismay.

– Every day private aid workers rescue refugees in the Mediterranean; – Austrian Foreign Minister Kurz harshly criticises the commitment of the sea rescuers; – His absurd reasoning: their work causes more refugees to die in the Mediterranean. For many refugees the Mediterranean has turned into a wet grave. Including last Friday. After several shipwrecks[…]

Skilled manual worker from Cologne joined rescue mission.

Moritz (36) signed up on rescue cutter. By Philipp J. Meckert Cologne. “I am taking along the conviction that I am doing something that is important and right. I want to save people from certain death in the Mediterranean,” says Moritz Zinkernagel, independent builder from Cologne. The 36-year-old signed up for the Sea-Eye’s ongoing mission.[…]

“We are not a taxi for refugees”

By Lena Klimkeit and Annette Reither. In dozens of meetings politicians have been discussing how to stop the influx of migrants into Europe. Far away from that scene, sea rescuers are fighting against the misery at sea. But attitudes in society have changed. Donations are lacking. Hate is arriving. “Be strong and stay strong. We[…]

“The alternative option would be to let people drown.”

Sea-Eye has already rescued more than 5,500 people in the Mediterranean – and is occasionally treated with hostility, says Hans-Peter Buschheuer. Are you assisting trafficking gangs with the Sea-Eye? No, of course not. That is a political accusation, which we get from the political right wing, but also from Frontex. After all, the alternative option[…]

Medical doctor from Dresden rescues refugees in distress.

By Katrin Richter. Dresden. At the end of March medical doctor Maximilian Richter will take a trip to the Mediterranean. There the rescue boat Sea-Eye is cruising off the Libyan coast. The only task of the re-equipped fishing cutter is to rescue refugees in distress and to call for help. We spoke with the 31-year-old[…]

The Mennonite aid organisation donates radar equipment to Sea-Eye.

The Mennonite aid organisation (the Mennonites are a Christian denomination) supports Sea-Eye with a generous donation. We are now able to install new radar equipment. People who move in small and low rubber boats are difficult to see for the human eye. Especially if there is heavy swell – very quickly these boats are hidden[…]

“Thousands of people have drowned”

By Karlheinz Fahlbusch. Meßkirch, Germany. Thomas Nuding about his rescue mission in the Mediterranean. He will work as skipper on the ‘Sea-Eye‘. There are 60 to 80 million refugees globally. In order to help them, “aid organisations are necessary because politicians everywhere keep out of the issue,” Thomas Nuding says. During a presentation in the[…]

Three people from Regensburg on the Sea-Eye.

Arne Schmidt, Nathalie Decuypere and David Stahl are ready to go on mission. They will rescue refugees off Libya. By Daniel Geradtz. Regensburg, Germany. It is no easy task which they are facing. On 23 March, the Sea-Eye’s second mission of the year will start. It will include three people from Regensburg. Arne Schmidt, Nathalie[…]

Sea-Eye: First Mission 2017

This week the private German life-saving NGO Sea-Eye is starting their first mission this year. Depending on weather conditions in the Mediterranean, the 14-day mission off the Libyan coast is beginning mid-week. Their task: To search for and rescue people in distress. The eight-member crew is headed by skipper Franziska Hansen from Norway. This time[…]

Bye-bye Licata!

Festive farewell from Sicily, where the Sea-Eye was tied up during the winter for renovation works. On Sunday, 5 March, politicians and people from Licata held a farewell ceremony for the boat and its crew. In the morning the two Catholic priests Padre Torino and Padre Tobias blessed the rescue boat and its crew. In[…]

A message from Padre Agostino to Mission 1.

On Sunday, 5 March 2017, Padre Agostino from Licata, Sicily, blessed the Sea-Eye before its first mission in 2017. Already last year, in a solemn ceremony, he had blessed the Sea-Eye’s maiden voyage (Photo).   I will make you fishers of men (Mk. 1, 14-20) Letter to all crew members of the ship Sea-Eye  […]

Hans Riess senior to join rescue mission off the coast of Libya.

By Stephanie Milloni. Diessen, Germany. A butcher from the market town of Diessen will take part in an aid mission in the Mediterranean. Eight-member crew will secure refugee boats. Dead bodies of children that are washed ashore. People who are squeezed together, more dead than alive, on overcrowded rubber boats. We all know the images[…]

The current situation of sea rescue in the Mediterranean.

We are receiving worrying news these days. Sea rescue of the kind undertaken by Sea-Eye is increasingly coming under public pressure. What started last autumn with small messages which were mainly circulated by Russian online media, has reached an “official scale” by now. I briefly summarize the accusations: “Private rescue organisations create a so-called pull[…]

Frontex: Attacks against NGOs – Sea-Eye reacts

The private sea rescue NGO Sea-Eye has reacted to the accusations of Frontex Director Fabrice Leggeri and has offered its full support to the European border protection agency during the uncovering of smuggling activities. In an interview with the newspaper “Die Welt” on 27 February 2017, Leggeri had accused the rescue organisations of encouraging the[…]

Sea-Eye: No cooperation with human traffickers

In response to the article published on 23/02/2017 by tgcom24 („Ong che salvano i migranti: due procure sospettano complicità con gli scafisti“) , we reject the suspicion held against Sea-Eye. As we already stated earlier, we do not cooperate with human traffickers and have never done so. The budget for running our ship and our[…]

NGOs’ migrant rescue role comes under Italian spotlight

By Alessandra Bocchi, Libya Herald Tunis, 19 February 2017: Italy is looking more closely at the role of privately-funded rescue operations that have been plucking migrants from the seas off Libya and into the possibility that there may be collusion between smugglers and some of the rescuers. A Sicilian prosecutor has told the news agency[…]