Sea-Eye’s “Code of Conduct:” We continue to save lives!

Regensburg, Rome, 25 July 2017 – Host Marco Mortone stopped the talks between the Italian Ministry of the Interior and the private sea rescue organisations after only 75 minutes and postponed them to next Friday.

After the meeting the private sea rescue organisation Sea-Eye, which was represented by skipper Gunter Körtel, declared:

We agree with large parts of the “Code.” Self-evident issues have been included, such as the commitment to non-cooperation with traffickers or the duty to cooperate with the authorities.

But parts of the “Code” are difficult to fulfill for Sea-Eye as technical hurdles are being put up that would render any further sea rescue impossible for us.

However, we think that the talks about future collaboration on sea rescues are useful. At least the Italian Government – unlike the German Minister of the Interior – considers it necessary to speak with the NGOs. When both sides reach an agreement on the object and the need for sea rescue, an acceptable compromise should be within reach.

Sea-Eye founder Michael Buschheuer: “No code of conduct can limit the duty to rescue at sea. We won’t be prevented from fulfilling our humanitarian duty and we will continue to rescue people in distress and at risk of drowning.”

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