22. Juli 2017

Principles of Sea-Eye

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What we do

  • Sea-Eye searches for shipwrecked and drowning persons off the coast of Libya.
  • Sea-Eye performs first aid. We supply the refugees with life vests and water.
  • Sea-Eye treats injured persons on board in our sick bay.
  • Sea-Eye calls for help. The Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) of the Italian coastguard sends vessels which take over the refugees.
  • Sea-Eye acts strictly according to international laws and treaties and complies with the rules of rescue at sea, valid all over the world.
  • Sea-Eye’s life-saving project is exclusively run by unpaid volunteers. They sacrifice their free time and vacation to fly to their missions in Malta, paying for the flights themselves.
  • Sea-Eye is mainly financed by donations. The association is a non-profit organization which is also liable to account.

What we don’t do

  • Sea-Eye doesn’t transport refugees.
  • Sea-Eye doesn’t aid people in fleeing.
  • Sea-Eye doesn’t operate in Libyan waters. Sea-Eye only operates in international waters.
  • Sea-Eye doesn’t work (neither directly nor indirectly) with human traffickers and their organizations. We help shipwrecked people which are reported to us by the MRCC in Rome, or those which we spot ourselves.

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