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Refugees aboard ALAN KURDI

Help Us With An Institutional Sponsorship For Our Ship ALAN KURDI

For an average of ca. € 15,000 per mission, we were able to use the SEA-EYE and SEEFUCHS ships from 2016 to 2018 to save more than 14,000 lives. Due to the restrictions of the Dutch flag state, operations undertaken with these two ships were no longer possible. Therefore we decided to buy a new ship, classified under the German flag and thus took on the greatest possible challenge.

The requirements of our flag state Germany are very demanding. Eight of the crew members must be certified, full-time seafarers. For that reason, our costs have risen to € 60,000 per mission with the ALAN KURDI within just a few months. At the same time, we were also able to significantly increase our equipment and professionalism and ensure a regular presence in the SAR(seach&rescue)-area. We were able to use the high expenses responsibly: our ship ALAN KURDI has very successfully saved several hundred lives since its first mission.

Our Mission Becomes Your Mission

Due to the great financial expenses, we need institutions as sponsors for our rescue ship in addition to generous private individuals and individual donors.

You can support with a one-time donation or regular contributions via an institutional sponsorship. Contact us using the form below and talk to us about how our mission can also become your mission.