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ALAN KURDI in port
Italy has again given technical reasons to keep the ALAN KURDI from rescue operations. We could have saved more people this year if Italy had not constantly hindered us.
so-called Libyan coast guard

On September 19, ALAN KURDI observed how refugees were forcibly returned to Libya. They are now faced with imprisonment, torture and forced disappearance. The EU fully supports these forced push-backs by the so-called Libyan Coast Guard.

Rescued people with blankets in Olbia

Stefano documented the arrival of ALAN KURDI in Olbia. He wrote down his impressions of this unworthy reception in a guest article for us.



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About Sea-Eye e. V.

Association for the rescue of fleeing people in the central Mediterranean

Sea-Eye rescues fleeing people from unseaworthy boats in the Mediterranean. We look for helpless people in distress at sea, and fight against the daily loss of life there. Our activity is an answer to the failed migration policies of the European Union, which is denying its responsibility for the thousands of deaths in its immediate proximity.

With our ship, the ALAN KURDI, we fill a gap in the search and rescue activity on the Mediterranean Sea to save as many people as possible from drowning. Because European states have withdrawn from their responsibility, Sea-Eye pays attention and protects the right to life.

We are a non-profit association, which is religiously and politically independent. Our work is exclusively financed through donations.


What we do

Save lives

  • Observe and document human rights abuses
  • Distribute life vests for people in distress at sea and evacuate them
  • Provide care for injured people at our sick bay
  • Bring saved people to safety
  • Adhere to the international rules of sea rescues
  • Inform about the situation in the Mediterranean

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Special thanks to:

Bishop Kirsten Fehrs

“It is a fundamental commandment of Christian seafaring to save people from distress. In Hamburg and Lubeck, those traditional harbour cities, this is fortunately still a common good. Let us make this the standard again Europe-wide!”

– Bishop Kirsten Fehrs –


“Neighborly love means for us that, no matter where people come from, what ancestry they have, which skin colour they have, which religion they belong to, we welcome them here with open arms and do not leave them to die miserably in the Mediterranean.”

– Revolverheld –

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