Boat with about 400 refugees on board sunk

Empty boat

Once again it was reported that a boat with up to 400 refugees on board has sunk off the Greek coast. So far 78 people have been recovered dead and 104 rescued. The worst must be assumed for the remaining people.

According to media reports, the maritime emergency had already been found the day before by a Frontex aircraft. Nevertheless, the help for dozens of people came much too late. Once again it shows that Frontex is supposed to stop people seeking protection at the EU’s external border and is not there to protect human lives.

These people, who fled from the civil war country Libya, drowned at a time when EU is massively strengthening its isolation and Italy is detaining three rescue ships, including the SEA-EYE 4. For years, Sea-Eye has been demanding that the human right to life and the right to asylum be respected. For this, it is indispensable that safe escape routes are finally established.