so-called Libyan coast guard

ALAN KURDI crew observed an illegal push-back

On September 19, the ALAN KURDI crew saw a speedboat approaching during their second rescue that day. It quickly became clear that it was the militias that operate under the name of the “Libyan Coast Guard” and force refugees back to Libya illegally and against their will.

The crew knew they had to hurry to evacuate the people. On board the ALAN KURDI, people would be better protected from the militia than on their small boat. Fortunately, there were only 24 people in the wooden boat in distress, and the crew were able to transfer them all to the ALAN KURDI swiftly, using their two rescue boats. Hence, protecting these people from being attacked by the militia and preventing them from being pushed-back to the civil war country.

Sea rescuers evacuate wooden boat

When the speedboat approached our rescue ship, it became clear to the crew that it was the so-called Libyan coast guard. From a distance they could see that there were a great number of people on the boat. The so-called Libyan coast guard’s boat had previously picked up at least one group of refugees in order to forcibly return them to Libya.

We demand: No push-backs to Libya!

According to international law, people rescued from distress at sea must be brought to a safe place. Only then is the rescue considered complete. Since there is civil war going on in Libya and people are being exploited, tortured, raped and murdered there, Libya is not a safe place.

Libya is not a safe place.

Amnesty reports forced disappearances

Amnesty International recently published a report that thousands of refugees who were picked up by the so-called Libyan Coast Guard and forced to return to Libya have disappeared without a trace.

The dehumanizing policy of the EU

Although the European Union is informed about the human rights situation in Libya, it has been funding the so-called Libyan Coast Guard for years, with the goal to forcibly intercept people seeking protection on their flight to Europe. This inhuman policy must stop immediately. We therefore demand that the European Union stop supporting the Libyan coast guard at once.

Libya is not a safe place – for anyone!