Italy sends SEA-EYE 4 with 800 people rescued to Trapani

Mission Lifeline und SEA-EYE 4

SEA-EYE 4 expected to reach Trapani on Sunday afternoon

On Saturday evening, the Italian Coast Guard informed the bridge of the SEA-EYE 4 that the Italian authorities had designated Trapani as the port of disembarkation for the more than 800 rescued people. The Foreign Office confirmed the assignment a few minutes later.

The SEA-EYE 4 is expected to reach the port of Trapani on Sunday afternoon. Until then, the rescued persons will spend the third night on board the ship. Some of them are already spending their fifth night on board. The weather deteriorated visibly in the past hours. The Italian coast guard allowed the SEA-EYE 4 to approach the coast earlier to find shelter from the wind and weather.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the ships SEA-EYE 4 of Sea-Eye e. V. and RISE ABOVE of Mission Lifeline e. V. saved more than 800 lives within 48 hours in 7 joint operations. Sea-Eye is supported on board by the Bonn-based organization German Doctors e. V. with an on-board doctor and financial support for hospital operations.

© Hermine Poschmann & Mission Lifeline

Our mission doctor Daniela Klein and the entire crew have done an unimaginable job in the last few days – over 800 rescued people have pushed not only the ship itself, but everyone on board to the limit. It is imperative that those rescued can receive medical care ashore. That is why we are incredibly relieved that the SEA-EYE 4 can now head for a safe port and that the people will be brought to safety after many days of uncertainty,” said Dr Harald Kischlat, Chairman of German Doctors e. V.

We are relieved and overjoyed that the difficult hours for our crew and the rescued people will end on Sunday and that these people will then finally be safe in Italy. We are appalled that Malta’s failure to provide assistance led to such an exceptional situation. The EU states must urgently admonish Malta to ensure that the Rescue Coordination Center in Valletta finally responds to emergency calls again and coordinates sea emergencies, regardless of the color of the skin or the origin of the people who are in distress at sea,” says Gorden Isler, Chairman of Sea-Eye e. V.

After days of uncertainty, it is finally clear: SEA-EYE 4 has been assigned a safe port. It is a matter of honour that we accompany them to Trapani and continue to do everything we can to support them in any way we can. We are happy that the many exhausted people will finally be allowed to arrive,” says Axel Steier, board member of Mission Lifeline e. V.