Medical emergencies on the SEA-EYE 4 pile up

Medical Evacuation

Italian coast guard evacuates four people

The SEA-EYE 4, whose crew rescued 494* people from distress at sea during the week, arrived in Sicily on Friday morning, June 17. Due to the large number of people, it is difficult for the three-person medical team to provide adequate care to all persons. While the majority of people are in stable condition, there are many patients who require more comprehensive medical care. The Italian Coast Guard therefore evacuated four people from the ship at noon on Friday due to their health condition.

One patient who was evacuated is eight months pregnant, but has complications and can no longer feel her baby. She also has burns on her legs. Another person has a broken hand and needs an X-ray and further treatment. One person with epilepsy ran out of long-term medication. A fourth evacuated person is suffering from severe burns.

Overall, several patients have burns and some patients had inhaled fumes from fuel on the boats. Many patients are in physical discomfort as a result. Some people show signs of severe exhaustion and even trauma. Other patients were treated for hypothermia. After the evacuation of a pregnant woman, two pregnant women are now still on board. One woman is eight months pregnant and one woman is four months pregnant. Their condition is currently stable.

Medical Evacuation

With such a high number of vulnerable people on board, there is also a high demand for medical care, which our medical team cannot cover on its own in the long term. Thanks to our cooperation with the Bonn-based aid organization German Doctors, we are very well positioned for first aid and emergency situations – but not all further treatments and necessary examinations can be carried out in our onboard hospital. Currently, for example, we are treating many people with wounds and burns caused by contact with a salt-water fuel mixture in the boats, so that our dressing material is running low. To avoid further medical evacuations, all people on board need a port of safety and medical assistance as soon as possible,” said Gorden Isler, Chairman of Sea-Eye e. V.

Medical Evacuation

*Note: On June 15, the total number of rescued was reported as 492. A later count recorded 494 people. Due to today’s evacuation of four patients there are currently 490 rescued people on board SEA-EYE 4.