ALAN KURDI in Palermo

The Italian Ministry of Transport has been detaining our rescue ship ALAN KURDI in the port of Palermo for over two weeks. The rescue ship AITA MARI of the Spanish organization Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario (SMH) was also detained in the same port. At the same time, people are still dying in the Mediterranean Sea, while seeking a place of safety.

The Italian coast guard justified detaining the rescue ships citing safety concerns. Our German flag state strongly opposed this assessment and determined that there were no such serious security deficiencies.

Italy is taking decisive action against civil rescue ships, thereby preventing our humanitarian work. This will gravely endanger our planned mission in June.

“Every day that rescue ships are hindered from doing their jobs, there is a risk that human lives will be lost at sea,” said Sea-Eye Chairman Gorden Isler.

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