Hamburg is the new home port of the Sea-Eye ship

  • ALAN KURDI on the way to its tenth mission
  • More than 1,500 people have been in distress at Mediteranean sea in recent weeks
  • Libya conference call: Protecting refugees a top priority
The rescue ship ALAN KURDI left the port of Palermo on Friday afternoon and is on its way to the central Mediterranean. During the stay in Palermo, the previous crew was replaced and maintenance work on the ship was carried out. The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is now the official home port of the ship flying the German flag. Hamburg’s township was the first city to sponsor Sea-Eye last year. In addition, all relevant shipping authorities are based here. Over the past few weeks, despite bad weather, more than 1,500 people have tried to flee across the Mediterranean. The attempt of crossing the sea at this time of year is particularly dangerous due to bad weather conditions. Almost 1,000 people were brought back to the civil war-torn country of Libya, as reports by the IOM (International Organization for Migration) show.
“Bringing people back to Libya is a serious violation of human rights. Many are at risk of ending up in the notorious centers, where massive violence, ill-treatment, sexual violence and, in some cases, killings are daily occurences,” said Sea-Eye spokesman Julian Pahlke.
On December 26th, 2019, the ship ALAN KURDI saved 32 people from an unseaworthy boat. All of the people aboard the boat were Libyan citizens.
“The recent development shows us that the situation in the country is becoming increasingly dangerous due to the conflicts, even for Libyans. When negotiations are held with and about Libya in Berlin on Sunday, the protection of the population – and especially of refugees – must become a top priority. Europe must not commission militias who are ready to use violence to systematically violate universal rights, but must instead send ships to save as many lives as possible. Libya is not a safe place for people fleeing,” Pahlke continued.
“The last few weeks have shown once again how important the rescue operations are, but also the protection and close monitoring of human rights. We must not allow a completely unprotected space to emerge at sea, where people drown and no one testifies to such serious crimes, ”says Johanna Pohl, head of mission aboard the German rescue ship.
The ALAN KURDI is expected to reach the Libyan search and rescue zone this Sunday.