The destruction of flight to Europe

SEA-EYE 4: Refugees

About the brutal attacks of EU states on fleeing people

A commentary by Axel Pasligh. Political Scientist and Head of Communications at Sea-Eye e. V.

The SEA-EYE 4 set sail from Burriana, Spain, on May 8 for its first rescue mission, which ended in Pozzallo, Sicily, on May 22. The Sea-Eye crew succeeded in bringing over 400 people, including 150 children, to safety.

The fact that this civilian rescue mission was necessary at all is due to the EU states not running state rescue missions for years. They use drowning as a weapon to let people die on the flight. In addition, they employ the so-called Libyan Coast Guard to intercept people fleeing a civil war and return them to internment camps.

In 2017, the German Foreign Office described conditions in Libyan camps as similar to those in concentration camps. Despite many similar reports, EU states have long supported the forced returns of the so-called Libyan coast guard by transmitting coordinates of boats with protection seekers to Libya. Thus, Germany also participates in the forced returns to camps similar to concentration camps, which are known for torture, slavery, rape and arbitrary executions.

SEA-EYE 4: Gerettete

At the same time, we see Spanish soldiers beating defenseless people without restraint on the beach of Ceuta. To deport the people seeking protection, among them unaccompanied minors, immediately afterwards, without giving them a chance to apply for asylum. Video footage shows people falling off rocks into the sea under the beating of the forces.


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In the meter-high border fence, equipped with barbed wire and modern surveillance technology, that separates the Spanish exclave from Morocco, we see the architectural implementation of EU policy against people fleeing. Where the EU states cannot separate themselves by the Mediterranean, they barricade themselves as if there were marauding hordes on the other side and not families with children seeking help.

When the neighboring countries of the EU states, like recently Morocco or last year Turkey, no longer do the dirty work for the EU and let people seeking protection come to the border, we see the same picture again and again. European policemen and soldiers beat the defenseless people.

The EU states do not want refugees on European soil. That is why they build border fences, beat refugees, let them drown, send them back to internment camps or build slum camps themselves where children are gnawed on by rats. EU states no longer recognize flight and the search for safety as human rights. Their goal instead is: The destruction of flight to Europe.

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SEA-EYE 4: Refugees

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SEA-EYE 4: Refugees

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