Arrival in the operational area!

Look out for boats in distress

An emergency call can reach us at any time

We now arrived to the Search and Rescue Zone and are preparing ourselves for rescuing people from distress. We hope that no boat tries the dangerous passage but the past months and years have shown that many do not see another way out of the civil war country Libya and then we want to be there for them.

ALAN KURDI in the Mediterranean Sea

Since arriving to the operational area, we are keeping sharp lookout. Apart from the daily duties on board (Cooking, Cleaning, Washing) and the watches, where the operational crew supports the officers on the bridge, we now keep watch two by two in order to identify boats in distress in advance and be able to help.

Look out for boats in distress

Therefore we search the horizon meticulously for small “points”, a boat in distance is not more than that. For this it is important to proceed very slowly and alternate – four eyes see more than two.

If we suspect a boat to be in distress, we consult the captain and the head of mission and we approach the position to check whether someone needs our help.

At the moment the weather is very bad and we have big waves, which would make a possible rescue more difficult. We are really tensed because anytime a distress call can arrive. Even though we are very well prepared and did a lot of trainings, we never know what will happen and we have to react properly to the circumstances.

News about our mission, you can find out on our website or on our social media channels.

With solidarity greetings