Christmas in the Mediterranean Sea – Rescue Vessel ALAN KURDI sails from Palermo

ALAN KURDI in the Mediterranean

Catholic Church in Paderborn finances Sea-Eye’s Christmas Mission

  •     Mayor of Palermo says goodbye to ALAN KURDI crew
  •     Tailwind for Regensburg sea rescuers from the Archdiocese of Paderborn
  •     Support from the city of Constance
  •     Sea-Eye establishes sea rescue base in Palermo

The German rescue ship ALAN KURDI left the port of Palermo on Friday evening. Mayor Leoluca Orlando came by in person to wish the crew a successful mission and a safe return. Previously, he had received the crew in Palermo City Hall and given the flag of Palermo to Captain Uwe Doll.

The Regensburg sea rescuers get support from the Archdiocese of Paderborn. Since donations became scarce in October, one mission had to be canceled already. Vicar General Alfons Hardt contacted Sea-Eye and secured immediate support from the Archdiocese to ensure that the ALAN KURDI can continue its mission at the turn of the year.

“The support from Paderborn was not a day early. Fleeing across the Mediterranean sea is particularly dangerous at this time of year. We are infinitely grateful to Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker, who repeatedly makes it clear that it is our human duty to save the lives of those seeking protection,” said Gorden Isler, Chairman of Sea-Eye.

The call for help in October was also followed by members of the city of Constance. Sea-Eye received an emergency contribution of over € 5,000. In addition to Hamburg, Constance is the second German city to support Sea-Eye financially and to follow up the commitment of becoming a safe harbor with further, concrete measures.

Palermo is to become the new sea rescue base for ALAN KURDI. From now on, the ship is to start rescue operations from Palermo.

“After the crash landing of Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, the Italian ports are open again,” said Julian Pahlke, spokesman for Sea-Eye.

Previously, the ALAN KURDI had to start from Spain. The shorter journey from Palermo allows for longer periods of search and rescue activities with the ALAN KURDI in the Libyan search and rescue zone as well as lower operational costs.

“We like being in Palermo. The mayor and the people there welcomed us with open arms. So we want to build our new base there,” Pahlke continues.