SEA-EYE 4 Embarks On Third Rescue Mission


Six organizations are calling for the future German federal government to drastically change their migration policy

The rescue ship SEA-EYE 4 set out on its third rescue mission on Saturday afternoon, October 23, 2021. While the formation of a new German federal government is being negotiated in Berlin, civil sea rescue organizations in the Mediterranean continue to fight for every single human life.

The past German federal governments have used the Mediterranean as a weapon in their isolationist policy and let people drown in order to prevent them from reaching EU shores. In addition, many thousands of people were forcibly returned to Libya, a country of civil war, and its torture camps by the Libyan coast guard. Together with AlarmPhone, Borderline Europe, Resqship, Sea-Watch and Seebrücke, Sea-Eye is calling on the future German federal government to finally stop this cruel policy.


The alliance calls for safe and legal flight routes to Germany as well as a comprehensive, non-military EU sea rescue program including disembarkation in a safe port. Since Frontex is responsible for numerous human rights violations such as push-backs and the abandonment of refugees at sea, Germany must insist that the border protection agency be abolished. In addition, Germany must take a leadership role in accepting refugees and advocate for abolishing the Dublin first-entry principle.

People are freezing, starving and dying at Europe’s borders. Police officers and Frontex officers beat up defenseless people and deliberately abandon them at sea. The suffering and agony of these victims are unimaginable and they were created by the politicians of EU countries with full intent. That is why we are calling on the future federal government to abandon  the current migration policy, to completely rethink it and to finally respect the human rights of all persons,” says Sophie Weidenhiller, press spokeswoman for Sea-Eye e. V.

Dr. Harald Kischlat, board member of German Doctors e. V. adds: “Respect for human rights is the basis of everything we do. As long as there are no humane solutions in sight on the part of the EU states, the commitment of our doctors on board the Sea-Eye is a matter close to our hearts and an obligation. We cannot and must not just watch the dying on the Mediterranean Sea.“

The NGO German Doctors is also sending one of their doctors on the third rescue mission of the SEA-EYE 4 to manage all medical matters aboard. Dr. Daniela Klein, who was already a crew-member during the previous mission will be in charge of taking great medical care of all the rescued people on the ship. Pregnant women, people with pre-existing illnesses and young children suffer the most from the risks of flight.