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SEA-EYE 4 brings 129 rescued people to safety in Taranto

As the fifth rescue in 2022 comes to an end, it is uncertain when the next missions can start. Increased prices and a drop in donations are creating major challenges for Sea-Eye. Now a donation-doubling campaign is helping.

129 rescued people aboard SEA-EYE 4 need port of safety

Over the past few days, the crew has been intensively searching for 82 people in distress at sea. Unfortunately, they received no support from the rescue control center in Malta. The fate of the people remains unclear.

Medical emergencies on the SEA-EYE 4 pile up

Due to the high number of people, it is difficult for our medical team to provide adequate care to all persons. The health condition of four patients required an evacuation by the Italian Coast Guard.

Sea-Eye crew prevents serious boat accident at night

On Wednesday evening, a distress call reached the SEA-EYE 4. A rubber boat was damaged, water was coming in and people were calling for help. When the rescue ship’s fast rescue boats arrived, the crew faced a dramatic scene in the darkness.