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All rescued people disembarked in Olbia

It took two days until all rescued people could leave the ALAN KURDI. The Italian authorities seemed unprepared. Our guests endured the event with great patience. Now a successful mission comes to an end.

An Unfriendly Welcome In Olbia

Italian authorities left 125 people, including very young children, freezing in the wind and rain for an entire day. Today Italy shows its ugliest side. There are still rescued people aboard ALAN KURDI.

ALAN KURDI anchors off Sardinia

The French government appealed to the Italian government on Wednesday evening to respect the humanitarian principles in the case of ALAN KURDI. Until then the Italian rescue control center had refused to coordinate the case.

ALAN KURDI sets course for France

So far no country wants to take responsibility for 125 people on board the ALAN KURDI. Sea-Eye had to make a decision to ensure the health and safety of the people. Another blockade is unacceptable.

62 children were saved

Within 12 hours on Saturday the crew rescued 133 people from three different boats. On board, three of them talked about their reasons for escape.

ALAN KURDI Saves 114 Lives

On Saturday noon our crew rescued over one hundred people and brought them to safety on board the ALAN KURDI. Meanwhile Sea-Eye has another big news to announce: The ALAN KURDI receives reinforcement!

Finally sailing!

Kai started the rescue mission with the ALAN KURDI. In his blog entries he will report about the events on the ALAN KURDI and his experiences.