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ALAN KURDI Returns To Sea

After a four months long forced break, the ALAN KURDI returns to sea for its next mission. 252 people drowned in the central mediterranean in the last days. The blockade of ALAN KURDI has been overcome and we will save human lives again.

GHALIB KURDI Is Sea Eye’s Newest Rescue Ship

The ALAN KURDI gets reinforcement! We buy a new rescue ship and prepare it for the life-saving missions in the Mediterranean. The fifth anniversary of the death of Alan, Ghalib and Rehanna Kurdi shows us once again our responsibility to save human lives.

Sea-Eye is suing the Italian Ministry of Transport

Italy continues to impose excessive demands on the rescue vessels of humanitarian aid organisations, thereby prohibiting them from conducting rescue missions. Therefore Sea-Eye has now filed a lawsuit with the administrative court in Palermo.

Sea-Eye successfully frees rescue ship ALAN KURDI

The ALAN KURDI is free! Italy has blocked us for a long time and probably unlawfully. We are now going to Spain, but our problems are not all solved. We are working on solutions under high pressure, because the people at sea need us.

Petition: Free the rescue ships!

Italy has been blocking our rescue ship ALAN KURDI and the Spanish ship AITA MARI for two weeks. At the same time people are dying in the Mediterranean Sea. Let us change this and sign the petition for the release of the ships.

ALAN KURDI docks in Palermo after quarantine

At last! After 36 days at sea the ALAN KURDI is allowed to moor in Palermo. However, before the crew can disembark, some safety requirements must be met. Meanwhile, we ask ourselves, what happens to the people we saved?

The dead have a name – and a face

At the beginning of April, twelve people died while fleeing across the Mediterranean. We show their faces to remind us of their fate. Meanwhile, the suspicion is growing that the Maltese Government is partly responsible for the death of these young people.