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ALAN KURDI docks in Palermo after quarantine

At last! After 36 days at sea the ALAN KURDI is allowed to moor in Palermo. However, before the crew can disembark, some safety requirements must be met. Meanwhile, we ask ourselves, what happens to the people we saved?

The dead have a name – and a face

At the beginning of April, twelve people died while fleeing across the Mediterranean. We show their faces to remind us of their fate. Meanwhile, the suspicion is growing that the Maltese Government is partly responsible for the death of these young people.

Odyssey of the ALAN KURDI rescue ship ends

At last! After 12 days all rescued people could leave ALAN KURDI. Friday afternoon they were transferred to an Italian ship for quarantine. During this mission, Sea-Eye experienced not only strong political headwind but also unprecedented solidarity.

Attempted suicide aboard the ALAN KURDI after ten days of blockade

What happens when people are crammed onto a ship for several days under the most adverse conditions and extremely confined space? This experiment is currently being carried out by the EU member states on the ALAN KURDI. The situation is dramatic and is getting increasingly worse.

Dozens Suspected Drowned At Sea

The situation on the ALAN KURDI remains bad for the people saved. Our on-board doctor documents signs of torture from incarceration in Libyan camps. At least, there is now a proposal for a solution for the ALAN KURDI.