Sea-Eye Academy

Positions on board: Human rights observer

Human rights observation on board a sea rescue ship

Date: 17 March 2021
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Venue: The event will take place online. Participants will receive the access data by e-mail one day before the event.


Observing and documenting human rights violations in the Mediterranean is one of the central tasks on a mission, alongside saving human lives. What is happening on the ground? Where are people in distress at sea? Which actors are present? Who disturbs, obstructs or endangers missions?

This workshop shows how to deal with these and other questions. In addition, quantitative questionnaires and other tools of the human rights observer will be presented in order to enable a long-term and scientific examination of the issues of fleeing and migration.


Stephen Schrezenmeier is cultural anthropologist and sociologist. Started working with Sea-Eye in the beginning of 2020. Participated in search and rescue as human rights observer. Currently studying international social work. He is part of the Sea-Eye human rights at sea group since March 2020.

Nina Gassmann started working in refugee camps in 2016 and is actively participating in search and rescue in the Mediterranean Sea since 2017. Currently studying law in Berlin and volunteering as a counsellor for asylum-seekers and migrants in Berlin. She is part of the Sea-Eye human rights at sea group since March 2020.

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    17 Mrz 2021


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